Halloween Decorative Lantern

Material: Resin, plastic
Uses: Halloween decoration
Function: Night light
Charging mode: USB charging

Product Details

Halloween Decorative Lantern

Dimension: 6 *5 * 12 inches

Made of durable resin with creepy emoji in the light and equipped with plastic handle

Switch set on the back of Halloween decoration light, touch to turn on/off the light

Powered by Built-in rechargeable battery, and charging it by USB cable, the halloween led lantern can work up to 8 hours with one full charge

Specially designed for Halloween. Great as party favors or treats, great candy holders for parties and trick or treat in Halloween






I. Installation and Usage
1. Carefully take the product out of the box, as it is easy to break. Pay attention not to impact with hard objects or drop on the ground.
2. The lights controlled by touch switch on the product.
3. Working Time: Up to 10 hrs at night after fully charged. The working time is subject to different lights brightness.
4. Note: Please fill in the electricity before first use.

II. Charging Instructions
1. Charging: Please charge when the LED light becomes darker, make sure the product is in the OFF state.
2. Charging LED Red: Low power
3. Charging LED Green: Full power  

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