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A gift of a snow globe

- May 15, 2018 -

  • A gift of a snow globe

A crystal ball, commonly known as Water globe ball

Common white water globe decoration, amethyst ball, powder crystal ball, yellow crystal ball, crystal ball, ghost crystal ball, etc.

(1) the water globe garden is made of natural crystal column, and the processing process is not easy.When a ball is born, it needs to consume four to six times more material than its weight, and when it is rounded, the risk is very high, and it is often easy to break up.Therefore, it is not unreasonable to make crystal balls expensive in terms of the degree of consumption of Water globe disney, the difficulty of processing and the degree of rarity.

(2) the sphere of the crystal ball itself represents a kind of "completeness", and the "consummation" is the ultimate goal of all religions, spirituality, science, philosophy and life.Some people also like to call it "ball bing".And the round consummate huang, also has the super energy of the crystal ball, very nature becomes the holy product, the supply.

(3) the crystal ball has memory, oscillation, expanding, conversion functions, a complete and deep, fully condensed energy, storage space, improve human body magnetic field, to recharge cell magnet, and promote blood circulation, endocrine balance body, strengthen the immune system, disease and then disappear.Different colored balls can be developed to treat different parts of the disease.If different color of the crystal ball is used together, the effect will be excellent.

(4) 20-30mm small Water globe christmas  is suitable for carrying around, playing at any time, also can be a gift to each other, keep safe, keep healthy, everything is satisfactory;30-60mm medium-size crystal ball, suitable for people to hold meditation;The large crystal ball above 70-80mm-100mm is suitable for individual's good position, financial position, strengthen magnetic field, protect health, make money, rise official, increase homebody production, etc.You can also put your hands on the bed to sleep, and the ball will automatically adjust your body and mind.

(5) if there is a world crystal ball with a diameter of more than 150mm, however, it is "baby", and it is necessary to buy it immediately, even if it is borrowed.Nature is unique, and it is not lost.

Water Globe Disney

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