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Are solar garden lights waterproof

- Jun 22, 2018 -

Are solar garden lights waterproof

      Since the solar garden light is working outside, the weather like windy and rainy weather usually causes damage to the solar garden light. The appearance of the solar garden light is severe and the service life is reduced. In order to extend the service life of solar garden lights, the problem of waterproofing becomes very important.

So how do you do a waterproof job? Solar garden lights in particular.
      Solar garden light manufacturers will be divided into two parts of its waterproof, one is the controller's waterproof, there is a waterproof LED lights, LED lights waterproof is very simple, just do a simple lamp cover on it, and ordinary The waterproof lamp can be used for waterproofing. However, the controller of the solar garden lamp needs to be waterproofed. Because the controller of the solar garden lamp is very important, he converts the solar energy in the daytime into electricity in the evening, so it needs Paying special attention to waterproofing, in fact, solar garden light controller waterproof is very simple, that is, when installing the solar garden lamp circuit board to do a three anti-paint treatment, and then the rain will follow the edge of the controller slipped away, so In the construction of the solar garden light controller tube into a U-shaped, in fact, the most important solar garden light waterproof coating is a layer of waterproof plastic, in fact, waterproof solar garden lights is very important, because many areas It's rainy, so solar garden light manufacturers pay special attention to these solar garden lights. The above details are the important waterproof measures for solar garden light manufacturers.


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