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Classification of sculpture works of art

- Oct 13, 2017 -

There are many kinds of Chinese sculpture crafts. According to the raw materials, carved mainly ivory carving, brick, wood carving, stone carving, bamboo, fruit core carving, nutshell carving, root carving, angle carving, bone sculpture, carved porcelain, coal fine carving, shell sculpture, etc. molding mainly clay, sculpture, oil clay, dough, butter plastic, pottery, porcelain and so on. According to the purpose, mainly have desk sculpture, daily-use sculpture, architectural sculpture, religious sculpture, tomb sculpture, toy sculpture. The desk sculpture is a small sculpture that is displayed on bookshelves and desk for people to watch.

Daily-use sculpture is a small decorative commodity, such as stone lamps, seals, bamboo tea boxes. Architectural sculpture is mainly used for building decorative stone carving, wood carving. Religious sculpture is painted, butter plastic or wood carving of the Buddha, shrines, altar and so on. Tomb sculpture for Brick and wood figurines, terracotta and so on. Toy sculpture for children to play dough, pottery, porcelain, plastic and other handicrafts.

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