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How to choose a table lamp?

- Nov 02, 2018 -

How to choose a table lamp?


LED Table Lamp.jpgWhen choosing a table lamp, the first thing to look at is the color of the light. Many people think that the white light is better. Actually, the yellow and softer lights are more suitable for the eyes. Secondly, we must also look at the appearance quality of the table lamp. If the appearance of the table lamp is too rough, it is likely to be a poor quality lamp, so this table lamp must not be purchased. At the time of purchase, you should also check the certificate of the lamp and the certificate of 3c certification.

Finally, it depends on the after-sales service of the merchants, because the use frequency of the desk lamps is relatively high, it is easy to damage when used, and needs timely maintenance. Therefore, if the after-sales service is good, they will have professional presentations and explanations on how to use the lamps.

When we buy, we can also take a color photo under the light source of the table lamp, and then compare it with normal natural light, and then see the difference between them to distinguish. If the deviation is smaller, the color rendering of the desk lamp is better, and the quality of the table lamp is better.

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