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How to choose the table lamp to protect the eyes?

- Oct 19, 2018 -

How to choose the table lamp to protect the eyes?


Table Lamps for Bedroom.jpgTo achieve eye protection, desk lamps need to be equipped with lenses, grilles, etc. to prevent direct sunlight from forming glare. At present, most lamps use fluorescent bulbs, and fluorescent bulbs generate ultraviolet rays after aging. Considering the long-term desk writing, the lampshade of the desk lamp is better if it has a UV filter.

When reading text on coated paper, there is often a mirror-like glare called glare. The brightness of the reflected glare is very high. It may damage the lens and the retina after entering the eye. It will increase the chance of cataract in myopia and the elderly in the long-term. Adding a polarizer to the desk lamp is a good solution. Pay attention to whether there is such a design when purchasing.

Nowadays, the desk lamps on the market vary greatly in material and style. It is dazzling. How to choose a good table lamp is a problem that plagues many people. Because the quality of the desk lamp is directly related to vision, how to use it improperly. It is easy to cause a decline in vision. The working area illuminated by the desk lamp should be 250lx, and the minimum illuminance should be 120lx. It should be ensured that the illuminance is relatively uniform in the working area illuminated by the desk lamp, and no particularly bright or dark spots can be produced.

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