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How to do resin crafts

- Jun 15, 2018 -

How to do resin crafts?

Process level

   Resin Crafts Factory mainly produces gypsum, cement, magnesite, man-made sandstone, FRP products. Portrait, Buddha, Animal, Fountain, flowerpot, sculpture, embossed, European-style components, imitation stone rockery, simulation tree, sandstone decorative art wall tiles, garden art, urban sculpture, ecological restaurant, Landscape Plaza, large-scale artificial rockery design and construction. Artificial stone bonsai, miniature landscape and scene production technology development and production.

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Process Introduction

  Process Introduction Reference to the international advanced formulation technology, combined with the actual situation of the development of new mold materials, the use of extremely convenient, simple operation, there is no culture can be used, the national Chemical Building Materials Testing Center Test indicators in line with national standards, and through environmental testing.

  The mold finishes with this material is high, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature, anti-aging, waterproof and pressure-free, no deformation, non-stick mold, can be reused, mold life is more than 10 times times the ordinary mold, and cheap, fill the blank of the domestic mold material, is the traditional mold material replacement products. Resin Crafts mold materials wide range of uses, low cost consumption, can produce all kinds of products have modelling mold. such as: A variety of door and window sets, Roman, mountain flowers, embossed waist line, embossed flowers, eaves line, vase column, antique sofa, antique European bed, a variety of sculpture, relief, imitation agate, imitation jade Products, portrait, idol, Animal, rockery, bonsai, fountain, garden railings, stair handrails, manhole covers, rain, embossed flowers and other difficult, many flower pattern carving.

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