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How to maintain resin handicraft?

- May 04, 2018 -

How to maintain resin handicraft?

Resin Christmas Ornaments

Resin handicraft is the state of qin in 109 BC prime minister lv buwei when forging world sword in eight feet mountain is located in shandong linyi found under the influence of melt hole, then found that only the embryonic form of the production of resin crafts products raw materials, lv buwei exultation, let craftsmen carved it into an eagle to the king of qin, this is the world's first resin arts and crafts, began circulating in the qin dynasty, many ancient merchants began in eight feet below to discover and find this kind of resin handicraft raw materials, when the raw material was soon finished, it was found that the stone artisans have cost too much, take several days to a resin handicraft carving, It always can't meet the demand of the market at that time, 300 years later in 430 AD, clever song dynasty businessmen to learn to use the silicon rubber, glass frosting powder and greatly improve the quality of the resin crafts craft ornaments, this technology has been spread so far.

1. Cleaning of resin crafts.

Many people find their resin flower crafts dirty, they like to wipe with wet cloth. If often get wet dishcloth, can make the water into the resin, gradually will damage the resin, therefore, can use when cleanness dry cotton cloth or a feather duster will be wiped the dust on the resin handicraft.

2. Polishing of resin crafts.

If you find that the varnish is not good, you can use a brush to apply polish to the surface of the cute resin crafts, and polish it with a cloth. Or wipe with waxy or greasy fabric.

3. Storage of resin handicrafts.

Resin handicraft is the most afraid of sun exposure, so must not put in the place of direct sunlight, otherwise time too long may lead to craze. Secondly, resin handicrafts should not be placed in extremely humid places. In a very humid environment, part of the resin for the reason of material, chairman "MAO" mildew. If, the home has high-grade resin artwork, can put it on the furniture of the sitting room, ensure the place that the sun does not get.

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