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How to maintain the bronze carving

- Oct 13, 2017 -

The life length of bronze carving and its environmental factors are very important, the copper carving in a relatively stable and suitable environment, can prevent or delay the process of natural damage. The temperature and humidity of the air are the most basic environmental factors for collecting copper carving, and the effect of humidity is even greater.

If the copper carving is cracked or broken, it needs to be repaired and the rust can be done before repair. Then we should make a careful observation of the bronze carving, and find out the corresponding situation of each part. For small parts, 914 epoxy resin bonding is available. The parts that must be welded shall be selected in the back of the ornamentation or inscription. Large objects can also be added pins, but the copper carving repair needs exquisite repair skills, should please this expert repair.

When viewing, wash your hands and gloves to keep the sweat off the utensils. Take the bronze carving when you must pay attention to light, need both hands to end the whole artifacts, avoid the ear, ring, beam, and other parts, lest these nearby pieces due to rust and fragile, occurred man-made damage.

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