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How to make garden statues

- Jul 02, 2018 -

How to make garden statues ?

The first step  is to make the mold. The production of the mold requires the worker to  use the silicone to make the corresponding mold to prepare for the  subsequent potting.

After the mold is completed, the  material is filled in, and the preliminary shape of the resin handicraft  is reached. After filling, it needs to be shaken sufficiently to  achieve a uniform effect, and the two molds are tied for a period of  time before being opened, and freshly baked. Resin crafts.

The  resin crafts after the mold is generally a white body, without color  decoration, but in fact, before the coloring, it is necessary to remove  the excess enamel of the corners of the product to obtain a neatly  crafted resin craft.

In the end, it is  coloring. The color of each step requires the craftsman to carry out  debugging, and the oil brush is used in one hand. The ingenuity of  traditional handicrafts is also fully reflected here.


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