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How to paint garden statues

- Jul 02, 2018 -

How to paint garden statues ?

The resin  handicraft can be colored with paint. It can also be colored with  acrylic paint. But the cost is too high. Which kind of day the water is  reconciled? The best color of the paint is two kinds of paintings. One  kind is called light color, the other is called thick color, light color  is like watercolor. Color can be like oil  painting when there are many techniques such as sweeping antiques and so  on. It takes a certain period of time to learn oil painting brush can  not be used too hard canvas uniform water chalk can be used.

Resin  arts and crafts are actually relatively simple to paint, from light to  dark, because light colors are easily covered by the look, such as the  color of the hand, it is relatively light when the coloring can be  painted first, accidentally exceeding the limit, you can use the clothes Color covers. This will not appear dirty. Eyes, mouths, etc. are placed on the final painting.


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