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On the past and development of the world city sculpture

- Oct 13, 2017 -

The most developed region of the world's urban sculpture is a modern city in Europe and America. The European and American city sculptures originated from the religious art of Ancient Greece and ancient Rome, and after the Renaissance, the sculpture gradually gained an independent artistic position. Since entering the 20th century, the city sculpture has gained unprecedented development. In Europe and the United States in major cities, almost all have famous and more famous sculpture works of art, as an important cultural landscape. According to the information, the world's urban sculpture works in millions, the vast majority of concentrated in the Western developed countries. Rome, Florence, Athens and other urban sculpture works of art almost equal to the number of urban population, magnificent.

After the Second World War, under the impetus of the third science and technology revolution, the developed country city sculpture is dazzling, the new creation idea is endless, the development tendency mainly manifests as follows:

From the commemoration of the main topic selection and selection of the model to the cultural concept of the main, that is, the shape, line and rhythm of the city sculpture to show the people's will, feelings, thinking, confusion, exploration and other concepts of activities, even the natural and social things to imitate the characterization of sculpture, also joined the strong concept of active content.

The main method of realism should be transformed into abstract style. Because the abstract style is more profound than the realistic style of the aesthetic meaning, more conducive to the expression of the human spirit of the world's complex and rich content, so the abstract style swept the world, there are dozens of schools, the rules of geometry and irregular sculpture throughout the European and American cities, especially in the emerging cities.

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