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Origin of Nativity set

- May 14, 2018 -


         Origin of  Nativity set

Christ, for short, "the anointed one", the ancient jews who set up the king, the priest, to hold the anointing oil on the head; Hebrew is pronounced as the messiah. Jesus, the son of the Lord god, is often called Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus was Nativity scene in Bethlehem of Israel, more than two thousand years ago around 30 years old, began to preach the Gospel of the kingdom, when the governor Pilate's ruling passion was crucified on the cross, Christ for our SINS (rebelled against god) died, and was buried; The third day rose, and appeared to all the disciples, ascending to heaven on the 40th day after the resurrection, and now sitting on the right hand of god. In the future he will come again and establish the kingdom of glory.

Traditional nativity sets, who had died on the cross for the SINS of the sinner by the will of god, became a sin offering, and a righteous substitute for the unjust, so that whoever believed in him would be justified by his precious blood. Again according to the bible, Unique nativity from the dead on the third day, right to the death of the devil, corruption ascended on high, plundered all the enemy, now sitting at the right hand of god the father, is the only mediator between god and man, and only through him, the believers can go to the father.

Human ancestor Adam is made according to the Nativity figurines and likeness of god, but incur judgment because of a crime to fall, and the sin and death upon himself and all his descendants,      so all mankind need salvation, because can't from the penalty of sin and rule over. Because of his mercy and lovingkindness, god prepared the savior Jesus Christ for the fallen man, and through the redemption he had accomplished, he who believed on Jesus Christ was called righteousness and had eternal life.

Jesus' death as a sin offering is both the righteousness of god and the mercy and mercy of god to the world, the ultimate manifestation of god's love for the world! Jesus Christ came to die for our SINS, to be called the righteous, and the love of god was great on the cross of glory.

In honor of Jesus, the descendants created the nativity scene decorations, resin nativity sets, to remember his past great deeds.

Nativity Set

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