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Resin Crafts Process Introduction

- Apr 25, 2018 -

Resin Crafts Process Introduction

Resin is a reference to the international advanced formula technology, combined with the actual situation of the domestic research and development of new mold materials, the use of extremely convenient, easy to operate, with or without culture can be used, the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center testing indicators meet national standards, and Through environmental testing. The use of resin produced by the mold finish high, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature, anti-aging, waterproof pressure, no deformation, non-stick mold, can be used repeatedly, the mold life is more than ten times the ordinary mold, and The price is cheap, fills in the blank of the domestic mold material, the resin mold is the substitute product of the traditional mold material.

Resin handicrafts molds are widely used and cost-effective. They can be used to make all kinds of molded products. Such as: all kinds of doors and windows sets, Roman columns, mountain flowers, embossed waist line, embossed flowers, squatting lines, vase columns, antique sofas, antique European beds, all kinds of round sculpture, embossed, imitation agate, imitation jade products, portraits, statues, Animals, rockeries, bonsai, fountains, garden railings, stair railings, manhole covers, rain rides, embossed flowers and other difficult, multi-flower carving.
Resin products are applicable to gypsum products, cement products, imitation agate, imitation jade products, sandstone products, resin products, magnesite products and other curable product mold making, are building materials products factory, decorative materials factory, handicraft factory, antique furniture Plant, environmental arts companies, glass steel products factory, cement molding products factory mold the best material.






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