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The artistic features of sculpture

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Sculpture of the body sculpture as a three-dimensional space of the entity, giving people the feeling, first from its form, body beauty is the beauty of sculpture form the soul. The shape of the sculpture should be proportioned, the structure rigorous, through the body to show the image of the dynamic, emotional and vitality. such as: Rodin "thinker" and mayor "chained Woman", all have an infectious dynamic language, endowed with strong vitality and rich spiritual connotation of the form.

Second, the symbolic and allegorical sculpture works of sculpture, it is impossible to carry on the complex fine description and the environment space performance as the painting, thus the image is simple, so it usually gives the form and volume to express the theme symbolically and allegorical. Generally, the use of the human body to symbolize some kind of thought, express some thoughts and feelings and aesthetic ideas. such as: Rodin's "thinker", Mayor of the "Mediterranean" and so on. Also have more decorative character, animal image, give symbolic and allegorical, such as common turtle, lion, dragon, horse image. such as: The Western Han Dynasty, "horse riding the Hun", and the "God of Love," "The Kiss of the soul awakened Spirit."

Third, pay attention to the material and content of the work of the different sculpture materials and the use of materials, directly involved in the content of the embodiment of the work. such as: "Soong Ching Ling Statue," the use of white marble to show the great Woman's purity and elegance. such as: "The Thinker" with bronze casting and the deep content of the match. "Happy column" with the dong area of wood carved into, make people feel cordial and have a local flavor.

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