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The difference between the two of FRP sculpture and bronze sculpture

- Oct 13, 2017 -

FRP sculpture: FRP using resin and other chemical additives mixed in the mold bureau inside the chemical reaction molding, generally, the larger the use of brush, very small filling and vacuum vacuum pump production, is an organic material, flammable, light weight, relatively short life, will be aging, deformation distortion (round not easily deformed), Will crack, outdoor life 7-10 years, the surface is generally to be colored, the color life is also limited, the FRP itself hardness is also good, also has certain elasticity, but the sculpture is generally hollow, the hardness is similar to the rigid plastic, fragile, but because contains the fiber, generally does not resemble the serious which the plastic is bad, also easy to repair. Less cost

Bronze sculpture: Cast copper using refractory plaster mold or sand mold, such as high-temperature-resistant molds, is generally inside and outside, the copper water from the skylight into the mold, cooling molding, wall thickness general 3-8mm, hard corrosion resistance, long life, but very heavy, high cost.

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