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The history of religious statues.

- May 11, 2018 -

The history of religious statues.

  Since the Chinese Religious statues history originated from the craft art, most of the sculpture works have a strong decorative and practicability. Pay attention to the facial depiction of the characters, and add color to the statue, combine with the plastic painting, complement each other, so that the works have the same aesthetic feeling and appreciation value as painting; Pay attention to the shape of the god, with condensed figure sculpture language, the performance of high image beauty. Figure sculpture is the most popular art that displays a social and cultural atmosphere.and the Religious statues around the world are different.

  One of the most important art centers of the hellenistic period was in the kingdom of Asia minor. In 241 -- 197 BC, the gallic attacks were repelled, and the kingdom of bogama was established, and a monument of victory was erected in the square. The Gaul of suicide is one of them. The work shows the defeated leader of the gauls, who, in order not to be a prisoner of the enemy, was humiliated, bravely and resolutely killed his wife and then committed suicide. This is an impressive tragic statue. Sculptor attempts to depict the tense moments when suicide, sculpture shape the image, use the technique of various contrast and stood down, life and death, dynamic and static, the form is lifted up and down, and turn, constitute a three-dimensional space all around the combination of ornamental sculpture form, became to Religious bust statues square model.

  Religious statues in america is one of the most famous in the world. The statue of liberty was built in accordance with the beautiful image of the goddess in Greek mythology. The goddess wore a hoop on her head and a torch in her right hand, and the declaration of independence in her left hand was dignified and kind. The statue is 46.5 meters tall, with a base of 93 meters. The statue was cast in part of a 2.4-centimeter copper plate. The base of the base is a museum, and visitors can enter the bronze statue to the top of the goddess's head, which can hold more than 30 people and can view the panorama of New York through the glass window.

  Athena is the patron saint of Athens and the goddess of wisdom. As the main statue of the temple of the badi nong temple, the whole body is as high as 13 meters. It is carved with silver and white marble, which is inlaid with ivory and gold. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in the time of the Byzantine empire. Here is a description of the marble miniature. In the statue of the goddess, she wears a war helmet, and wears a Greek dress with a serpentine and a figure on her breastplate and a helmet. She bare her arms, and through the thin dress she could see the strong and strong body; The folds and accessories of the garment make the beauty of the horizontal lines. Her gestures may be holding spears and objects, the entire image rich women's gentle and full of life, more is the human nature, the lack of divinity, indicating that the Greek hellenistic art has been toward secularization.

1、According to the carved content.

  Religious figures: statues of religious figures mainly include Buddhism, Islam, Taoism and other church figures, such as Zeus sculpture, guanyin sculpture, goddess sculpture, and sculpture.

  Famous sculpture: sculpture of the famous people at home and abroad, such as chairman MAO, deng xiaoping, Einstein and so on. It is mainly used as memorial sculpture, as a kind of people to look up and reminiscence of famous people.

  Figure sculpture of Buddha statue: the sculpture of figure of Buddha is mainly composed of Chinese and ancient Indian buddhist figures, mainly used for family sacrifice, enterprise worship and urban construction.

  Decorative figure sculpture: decorative figure sculpture as its name is a decorative sculpture, often used in the company,Religious statues for home, catering, campus and other public places.

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