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The market level of sculpture art

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Since the three-dimensional art production varieties gradually expanded, the art market has a marginal effect, then we must distinguish between "three-dimensional works" and "sculpture works" of the differences, so as to accurately talk about the development and trends in the art market. In the art market, there are " Trading conditions "is the sculpture works, not all three-dimensional works have the commercial ability in the market, that is to say, there are certain types of stereo works are not attractive; it can also be said that some three-dimensional works at the beginning of the creation did not consider the content of commercialization, so that the possibility of its circulation in the market to the minimum. In addition to including sculptures, three-dimensional works, including devices, media, forging, and other works, three-dimensional works can refer to all three-degree space works, and "sculpture" is only a part of it.

In fact, the general an of "sculpture" is "sculpture" and "shape" the two forms of creation, the main items of art market transactions are sculpture and shaping works. These two categories are more favored by the market, why so? One is the composition of the use of materials to affect the collection of years and the preservation of difficult, carving usually choose the hardness and high value of the wood stone material, to mold the use of copper or gold plating technology, improve the material value of the work. Furthermore, carving and shaping two forms of traditional aesthetic, knowledge accumulation, do not need too much explanation, art consumers can absorb and respond to their own, relative to other forms of three-dimensional works, these two types of work is more familiar with the degree of acceptance is also high.

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