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The moral of Chicken Statue Garden Decor

- May 23, 2018 -

Chicken Statue Garden Decor

In ancient times, the han nationality had the custom of "killing the chicken", which was popular in jinhua and wuyi of zhejiang province.Every year on the seventh day of the seventh month, the local people will be the rooster, because the night cowherd, weaver girl magpie bridge meeting, if no male chicken, can never be separated.

The tujia people called the shuttlecock kicking the chicken.During the Spring Festival, the young men and women kick the chicken together, and one kicks the chicken, and the others fight for it. When they receive the chicken, they can chase anyone with grass.And young men and women often use grass to catch up with their loved ones.In the future, "kick the chicken" became the medium of love.

On the 1st of October, in henan, some places are going to kill the chickens.The legend is that yan wang is a ghost, until next year tomb-sweeping day.The folk think the ghost is afraid of chicken blood, the chicken blood avoid evil, so on October 1st kill the chicken to frighten the ghost, so that the kid dare not to come out.As the saying goes, "kill the chicks on October 1st."



The cock crow is a "declaration of sovereignty", on the one hand, to remind the family members of its supreme status, on the other hand, to warn the neighboring cock not to beat his family's ideas.The cock crows about every hour of the day, but the first sound of the rooster in the morning calls for the quiet of the dawn, and the approaching rooster is impressive.In general, the chickens sleep at night.The chicken has a "pineal gland" in its brain.The pineal gland secretes a substance called melatonin.If light enters the eye, melatonin secretion is suppressed.Melatonin can suppress the secretion of sex hormones and directly control the singing of birds.At first blush, the secretion of melatonin is suppressed, and the rooster can't help it.During the year, as the days get longer and the levels of melatonin drop in the birds, they start calling the spring.Park carrying cage big ye also know this truth, usual cage were thick cloth cover, once take off the cloth cover, the light woke the birds "call center", singalong begins.

In ancient times, the rooster could enjoy the dark and quiet night.Sometimes the moon is full, and the moonlight occasionally stimulates the over-sensitive rooster to "start the night".When the time comes, the probability of the rooster crowing is greatly increased by the sound and fire, so the ancients used the "cock night" as the omen of war.


Rooster in China has a good moral, and then the Rooster garden statue is widely popular,  Chicken garden ornaments, Chicken yard ornaments.



The Chicken statues for the garden is not only beautiful, the color is gorgeous, Chicken sculptures for garden can enhance the whole atmosphere of the garden adornment, the production craft of resins is environmental protection health, the popularity of the adornment industry greatly.

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