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The origin of Christmas

- May 08, 2018 -

The origin of Christmas

       Christmas is also known as Christmas, which is translated as "Christ's mass", a traditional western festival, on December 25 every year. A mass is a kind of church service. Christmas is a religious festival because it is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the whole of Europe and America began to celebrate Christmas. And it spawned a corresponding Christmas culture.

Christmas spread to Asia in the middle of the 19th century, and Japan, Korea, China and so on were affected by the Christmas culture.

Since the reform and opening up, Christmas has become a particularly prominent place in China. By the beginning of the 21st century, Christmas has organically combined with local customs in China and matured gradually. Eating apples, taking Christmas hats, sending Christmas CARDS, attending Christmas parties, and giving Personalised resin christmas decorations, have become part of Chinese life.

      It is said that Jesus was conceived by the holy spirit and born of the virgin Mary. More god sent messengers garber spoke to Joseph in a dream, don't she told him not to because Mary becoming pregnant out of wedlock, but want to marry with her, put the child called "Jesus", means to save his people from their SINS.

      When Mary was about to leave, the Roman government ordered that all the people should declare their household registration in Bethlehem. Joseph and Mary had to obey. When they arrived at Bethlehem, it was dark, but they could not find the hotel, and only a stable could stay. Just then, Jesus will be born. So Mary gave birth to Jesus only on the manger. In memory of the birth of Jesus Christ, December 25 is the year of Christmas, and every year the mass is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

Christmas is a religious holiday. In the nineteenth century, the popularity of Christmas CARDS, the appearance of Santa Claus, and the popularity of Christmas gifts made from resin materials, Resin Christmas Decor,Resin outdoor christmas , Resin christmas tree decorations. Christmas began gradually popular. Christmas celebrations, combined with the northern hemisphere's winter Resin christmas decorations, have also emerged.

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