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The origin of Halloween

- May 10, 2018 -

The origin of Halloween

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Halloween is commonly known as the holy festival, which is the religious festival of the Catholic and other Christian religions. The time is November 1st. Samhain festival as Catholic mass, on this day, unless there is irresistible reasons, otherwise all believers into the church to attend mass, remembering past all the saints and float into the kingdom of heaven, especially those famous in the history of the Catholic saints.

  Halloween originated in ancient Celtic national New Year festival, at this point is also sacrifice revenant moment, in avoiding the evil spirit interference at the same time, also with food worship of ancestors and good spirit to pray for peace through the cold winter. (that is, the night before all hallows eve), children will dress in all sorts of strange and went door-to-door to collect candy, keeps saying: give not to, not to make trouble. If you refuse to give candy, the kids will be very angry, in various ways to punish you, such as: pour the waste in your home, and so on way to punish you, until you give them candy. The most popular Halloween decorations games is "bite the apple". In the game, people let the apples float in a bowl filled with water, and then let the children bite the apple with their mouth without their hands. Whoever bites first is the winner.

  Halloween, the night before, is the most haunted time of the year, with all kinds of monsters, pirates, aliens and witches. Before the Christian era, the celts held ceremonies at the end of summer to appreciate the grace of god and the sun. At that time, fortune-tellers lit and practiced witchcraft to ward off evil spirits who were said to be wandering around. Later, the Romans celebrated the harvest festival with apple and the Celtic festival of October 31. In the middle ages, people dressed Handmade halloween decorationsin animal costumes and wore scary masks to drive away the ghosts of the night on Halloween. Although Christianity later replaced the Celtic and Roman religious activities, early customs remained. Children with serious psychological wear various costumes and Diy halloween decorations masks for parties, Halloween these dance tend to hang on the wall around Halloween decorations made out of paper, such as black cats, ghosts and skeletons, window and the door hanging rictus or repulsive-looking pumpkin lanterns.


  Since the 17th century, the History of halloween decorations has been gradually disappearing in southern England, replaced by the gunpowder plot on November 5. But Halloween still prevails in Scotland, Ireland and northern England. It wasn't until the early 21st century that southern England began to celebrate Halloween in a completely americanized way.


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