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Urban sculpture planning and urban culture

- Oct 13, 2017 -

The definition of a city varies according to its emphasis. Geographically, cities are considered to be relatively permanent concentrations of densely populated areas, ranging from scale to importance to more than one town, one village. "The city is a permanent human settlement that occupies a certain area and is located in a number of traffic lines," geographer Lazere said. ”

The city in economics is the concentrated and developed place of industry and commerce, trade and finance, and the city in Sociology is a collection of common customs, emotions and traditions. In a sense, the city is also a mobile immigration station and a stable center of the distribution.

Although there are many kinds of urban definition, the essential characteristics of the city are three aspects: 1. The city is a complex and multi-level collection center, is the political, economic, cultural, military and other centers. 2. The city is a concentrated place, is a population, capital, consumption-intensive land. 3. Cities are more advanced than urban and rural settlements, where infrastructure is more robust.

So we can define the city as: The city is a certain region of political, economic, cultural, population, military and other concentrated and developed land, is with the development of civilization and development of the rural high-level settlement.

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