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Urban sculpture shows the spirit of contemporary city

- Oct 13, 2017 -

The production of FRP sculpture process generally includes the following 6 points:

1. Design and Modelling

The design of FRP sculpture should consider the characteristics of material process. FRP is easy to form a beautiful streamline products, highlighting the work of the Times, design can be used arc streamline. Because of the lightweight high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastic, can make dynamic support area small works. Sometimes need to paint the surface, plastic clothing with leveling, curing in the tension under the action of a certain degree of leveling, not suitable for the performance of detailed texture. These should be carefully considered in the design. The original mold can be used clay, the sculpture model after the completion of natural drying, the production of FRP molds.

2, the production of FRP

Make use of hand lay-up method. According to the shape and characteristics of the sculpture, from the angle of easy forming and demoulding, the mold is decomposed into several units for turning. Forming and combining them into a whole. Finally, the whole process of coating, a glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture works completed.

3. Making of Moulds

Mold making is the key to molding. Mold making often uses gypsum, but the gypsum strength is low, the time is long easy to deform. can use silicone rubber and FRP materials to make molds. Silicone rubber before use for fluid status, flow and fill good. The crosslinking reaction forms the elastomer and has a large elastic deformation, and the water of the original model has no effect on the crosslinking reaction. After crosslinking, silicone rubber sealing is good with the original mode FRP Non-stick. Used as the surface layer of FRP mould, it can reproduce the work shape with high quality, and can be demoulding smoothly. But the cross-linking is easy to deform, need to support the carrier. The use of FRP is easy to be used as the carrier of mould.

4, mold Making method:

Preparation of silicone rubber, the second coating on the original mold on the silicone rubber layer after 1mm above. Silicone rubber after cross-linking in the silicone rubber on the formation of about 3mm FRP layer. After curing, the dividing unit blocks will be cut, and the FRP layer silicone rubber layer will be cut at the same time. The connecting rib is made between the blocks to make a locating groove, which ensures that the connecting rib makes the unit block mould combined into whole. After the completion of the work will be the glass fiber reinforced plastic unit block demoulding, and then take off the silicone rubber layer, off the silicone rubber immediately put back into the FRP unit mold.

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