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What are the advantages of solar lighting?

- Oct 15, 2018 -

What are the advantages of solar lighting?


Resin Bird Decorative Solar Light.jpgIn the city lighting lighting project, there are complicated operating procedures. First, cables must be laid. Here, a large number of basic projects such as cable trench excavation, laying of concealed pipes, pipe threading, and backfilling are required. Then carry out long-term installation and debugging. If there is any problem with any one line, it will be reworked in a large area. Moreover, terrain and line requirements are complex, and labor and auxiliary materials are costly. Solar lighting is easy to install. When installing solar lamps, there is no need to lay complicated lines. Just make a cement base and fix it with stainless steel screws.

There is a fixed high electricity bill in the work of the mains lighting fixtures. It is necessary to maintain or replace the lines and other configurations continuously for a long time, and the maintenance cost is increasing year by year. Solar lighting fixtures are free of electricity, solar lighting fixtures are a one-time investment, without any maintenance costs, three years can recover investment costs, long-term benefits.

Mains lighting fixtures bring many safety hazards due to construction quality, renovation of landscape engineering, aging of materials, abnormal power supply, and conflicts between water and electricity pipelines. There is no safety hazard in solar lighting. Solar lighting is an ultra-low voltage product that is safe and reliable.

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