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What effect does the position of the desk lamp have on vision?

- Sep 14, 2018 -

What effect does the position of the desk lamp have on vision?


Table Lamps for Bedroom.jpgThe placement of the desk lamp has a great influence on vision. Because most teenagers write with their right hand, the desk lamp should be placed on the left front of the body. When writing, it will not be shaped on the paper because of the cover of the hand. The light shining on the paper will not reflect into our eyes and cause glare. Scientific research has confirmed that our vision is best under white light, so choose a table lamp that emits a soft, uniform white incandescent or frosted lamp, rather than a colored light bulb.

The height of the desk lamp is also very important. Usually, when the eyes are 30 cm away from the book, they can not only see the writing, but also do not fatigue. It is estimated that the height of the desk lamp is 40-50 cm in length, so as to ensure sufficient reading illumination and the surrounding environment is also certain. Brightness. If the desk lamp is too low, it will cause the light to be too small and the surroundings will be dark. Losing the reference object for the distant vision, the eye adjustment system is in a tight compression state that only looks close, and it is easy to make the eyes fatigue and accumulate rapidly, resulting in light source myopia. If the desk lamp is too high, the light will directly shine into our eyes and produce glare. At the same time, close-range glare will cause light retention on the retina, which will make the eye muscles tighten and speed up vision loss.

The degree of the bulb should be appropriate. If the degree is too low, the light on the book is dark, we can not easily see the writing, which will cause visual fatigue, and long time will lead to myopia. If the bulb is too high, too much light will be reflected through the white paper into our eyes, causing glare, which will continue to shrink the pupil, causing eye pain and headache.

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