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What is Garden Pot

- May 17, 2018 -

 What is Garden Pot?

Large garden pots, a kind of utensil used for planting flowers, a small inverted round table or inverted pyramid shape at the bottom of the mouth.Large flower pots  vary in size and size.Flower producers or flower growers can choose the flower POTS according to the characteristics and needs of the flowers and the characteristics of the flowerpots. According to the different materials, they can be divided into many types.


Resin plant pots is a kind of utensil used in private garden villa, and it is widely used in landscaping and landscape engineering, among which the POTS are the most artistic.According to China only.

Definition: a flower pot is made of mud in texture, porcelain, plastic, rubber, stone and wood materials, such as basin type container. The main application in garden greening, landscaping, private gardens, communities.


Resin planter boxes vary in size and size.Flower producers or flower growers can choose flowerpots according to the characteristics and needs of flowers and the characteristics of flowerpots.Here are some common flowerpots.

Glass reinforced plastic flowerpot: the texture is made of clay sculpture or open mold.The style is various, firm and durable, not deformed, corrosion resistant.Complete specifications.The surface can do all kinds of color effects.


Sandstone flowerpot: this basin is made of fine sandstone and has a variety of colors. It is one of the best materials in the flowerpot. The surface can be used for effect.


GRC cement flowerpot: this flowerpot is heavy.In the flowerpot, the cement is added with anti-corrosion, affine, imitation corroded material and fiber cloth, which is durable, and the surface effect can be made into the effect of spray real stone.


Magnesite flowerpot: mix magnesium oxide and brine, add modifier, apply the mixture to the glass mesh cloth and make the required flowerpot.The flowerpot is cheap and varied.Strong and durable.Interior decoration products.

The basin: also called the mud basin, the vegetable basin.This basin is made of clay, with red and grey, with good drainage, low price and complete specifications, which is suitable for the family flowers.

Purple sand basin: also call pottery basin.The production of exquisite, simple and generous, mostly purple, complete specifications, but its permeable, breathable performance.

Porcelain basin: made of porcelain clay, coated with enamel.Exquisite craft, clean and elegant, beautiful shape.The disadvantage is that the drainage is bad.It is used as a basin to decorate indoor or exhibition flowers.

Glazed pottery basin: on the pottery pot is painted with coloured glaze, the appearance is beautiful, the form is various.The inside and outside glazing of the ceramic pot drainage is poor, equivalent to inside and outside a layer of glass.There is also a kind of pottery basin that is only on the outer wall, because the inside wall has no glaze to maintain the essence of the basin, have the beautiful appearance of the appearance and the inner hydroscopical permeability, more suitable for long-term arrangement and planting.The shiwan flowerpot made by foshan shiwan is one of the best products in the world.


Water basin: there is no water hole in the bottom of the basin, and various forms are used to cultivate water plants such as narcissus.

Resin flower pot: the gum products are Cheap plant pots, plastic, green, and beautiful, suitable for decoration and garden.

Resin Garden Pot

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