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What is Resin ornament

- Apr 27, 2018 -

What is Resin ornament?

Resin decorations refers to both functional and has artistic items (such as sporadic ornaments) made of manual labor products on the raw materials in accordance with the brand of resin, resin containing resin ratio according to the proportion of small handicraft raw materials is commonly: fixed resin, powder, or any other archaize materials, marble products, such as imitation brand, marble powder available resin.

The general raw materials of large resin decorations are: resin, stone powder, color paste, hollow can fill resin waste, large resin products are generally filled with resin waste.

Process introduction of resin decorative birds.

With reference to international advanced technics, combined with domestic actual situation of research and development of new mould material, use very convenient, simple operation, presence of culture can be used, by the national chemical building materials test center testing the indicators meet the national standards, and environmental tests. Using the materials produced by the mold finish high, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging, water-proof, pressure, deformation, non-stick mold, can be used repeatedly, the service life of the mold is more than ten times of ordinary mold, and the price cheap, to fill the gaps in domestic die material, is a traditional mold material alternatives.

Home decoration industry, the market potential is infinite, also brings to the resin garden decoration vitality in the highly developed material life, spiritual life, more cultured s life pattern of experiential marketing and whole furniture make jewelry from a walk-on role becomes very important supporting role, even can talk about is the no. 2 on the protagonist. Home decoration is popular, not only has close relationship with the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens, but also has been promoted by the decoration design circles in recent years "light decoration, heavy decoration" effect. Many residents turned the old traditional concept when the family is decorated, not too complicated to decorate, but pay more attention to later period of soft decoration, including decoration, cloth art, lighting, indoor colour collocation and so on, can not only reveal personality, and can easily change to increase household "taste".

Production process of resin christmas decorations

First, pinhole, oil hole.

In the resin sculpture  figures process, some of the products under the surface will appear a lot of small holes, using a needle, it will have some of the liquid flow, which is called oil hole, if the products under the surface of a very small lots and lots of holes, there are also some liquid, so it is called a pinhole.

Pinholes and oil holes are produced in the chemical sparser, and when these ingredients are fused together, oil holes are often present. If the oil and the sparser are relatively small, when they are not fused together, the pinholes will be produced. This problem usually occurs in the second half of the year. When the slurry is mixed, there will be stratification. There are several ways to solve such problems:

1. Control the amount of oil in the oil before it is produced, and then use it evenly.

2. In the process of production, some resin raw materials with high concentration are used to reduce the stratification of the pulp water when the stone powder is added.

3. Pay attention to moisture when filling in stone powder, because too much moisture can lead to layering.

4. We must strictly control the amount of oil involved. In the environment that does not affect the spray, we should reduce the amount of oil in the oil, and the amount of oil should not exceed five thousandths, and the less the better.

Second, porosity

In the resin home decorative, the structure is very complicated and too small products, at the corner of the corner hollow resistance such as large, is the most prone to porosity, some pores even above the surface of the resin, to solve these problems, some of the resin handicraft factory with the following methods:

1, in the process of sophisticated mold design should consider the problem of stomatal, parting design, in the corner to add a port, so it is convenient for time effect, reduce the incidence of the porosity.

2. Use some white and red raw materials as far as possible, so as to increase the time of solidification of resin crafts. In order to save enough time to extract the air in the mold.

3, check the vacuum extractor had mechanical failure, to ensure that the resin handicraft in the chamber evacuation time is very fast at 0.2 Mpa, so will the vacuum treatment is very good, but there are some resin handicraft factory of large resin handicraft product is taken again after vacuum at 0.2 Mpa to 0.08 Mpa, then return to 0.1 Mpa, this time the effect also is very good.

4, with some thin resin raw materials or fill less filling material, in order to make more dilute pulp raw material, make pumping air clean air extraction in the die cut, not in a bubble on the surface of products.

resin decorative birds

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