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What is Resin Owl Figurine?

- May 29, 2018 -

Owl has radiant feathers around its eyes and fine feathers that form a face plate shaped like a cat, hence the name owl.Its feathers are mostly brown, speckled, dense and soft, and it flies noiselessly.Females of owls are generally larger than males.The head is large and wide, the mouth is short, the side is flat and strong, the apex hook is curved, the mouth base has no wax film, and is covered by hard feathers.Like many carnivores, the owl's eyes are directly in front of its face, giving it excellent depth perception during hunting, especially in dim light.Interestingly, the owl's large eyes are fixed in the owl's eye socket and cannot move at all, so the owl has to keep rotating its head.They also have a rotating flexible neck, can make the face turned to the rear, due to the special structure of cervical vertebra, head of the range of 270 °.The left and right ear are asymmetrical, and the left ear canal is obviously wider than the right ear canal, and the left ear has developed ear drum.Most also have a tuft of ear feathers that form a human ear.The auditory nerve is well developed.A barn owl weighing only 300 grams has about 95,000 auditory nerve cells, while a crow weighing about 600 grams has only 27,000.


Birds of different sizes, such as the eagle owl, can be up to 90 cm long, small as the Oriental horned owl less than 20 cm long.

Birds of this order have large heads and short, thick mouths with hooked ends.In contrast to the large head, both eyes are forward, which are common to birds of this order and different from other birds. The feathers on the front of the head are arranged in a face plate, and some species have ear feathers.The distribution of binocular eyes, face plate and ear feathers make the head of the bird of this order very similar to that of the cat.


In Greek mythology represents wisdom, rationality, and fair Athena, which became the Roman goddess of wisdom, mina, standing is an owl, so there's a phrase in English, as wise as owl, that is, Resin owl figurine as a symbol of wisdom will be the best.


Resin Owl Figurines people regard the owl as an auspicious bird and a symbol of bravery and firmness.Kazak girls love a kind of hat called "taha," often with a bunch of owl feathers.


The tree Resin owl christmas figurines is placed in the garden, he represents this brave, auspicious, wisdom, as if he were a night watchman, guarding the beauty of the garden.The Resin owl christmas figurines in formal attire and lovely appearance adds beauty to the garden.

Resin Owl Figurine

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