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What is the casting process of bronze carving?

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Copper carving handicraft production process is very exquisite, generally, according to customer requirements, production, clay model, clay model after the completion of the clay model turned into a silicone mold, and then, start the process.

Making sculpture shell with fine casting material such as quartz sand, baked shell dewaxing, firing shell, casting copper water, to be copper water cooled after the smashing Shell finished copper production, on the surface of copper carving crafts coloring, anti-corrosion and other treatment, copper carving handicraft production completed, customer acceptance completed.

Only sophisticated technology, strict quality management and strong strength, innovation and more advanced products, and better create a satisfactory bronze carving crafts.

Bronze carving culture is an important part of Chinese culture, which occupies the leading position of Chinese culture in history, and casts the imprint of the Times in each development period. A historian once said that China's history is a stone book, a book of bronze. It's no exaggeration. Copper culture is an abbreviation of Chinese encyclopedia, copper products throughout the history of civilization throughout our country, thus forming a unique, colorful copper culture.

Bronze carving began in the Qing Dynasty, the development of Beijing and Tianjin region, the impact and coverage of the whole of China, is the end of the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, the unique set of painting, calligraphy, seal, engraved in one of the unique art categories. Bronze carving crafts Throughout our history of China, in this development process has formed its own unique art form, enriched the type of bronze carving. In the development of the same time, animal sculpture, character bronze carving is also accompanied by the emergence of our vision.

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