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What is the cause of the solar garden light not shining?

- Aug 27, 2018 -

What is the cause of the solar garden light not shining?


Resin Bird Decorative Solar Light.jpgWe need to know that a product may have some problems affecting its normal use during long-term use, even for solar garden lights. Although the solar garden lamp has a long service life, it is possible that the manufacturer may have an error in the production process, or the user purchases an inferior configuration, which will affect the solar garden lamp not lighting. Solar garden lights do not light, what are the more common problems?

The solar garden light does not illuminate. It is probably because of the controller's problem. So you can first check if the controller is in the water. If it is not the controller, check if the battery has voltage and the voltage is lower than 10.8v. If not, then look at the battery board for voltage. If there is no voltage, change the battery board.

The solar garden lights do not illuminate, either because of solar system problems or LED light sources. The lamp bead of the solar garden light fixture is not fully bright. In addition to the quality problem of the LED light source itself, it is a soldering problem. The lamp bead should be replaced in time or the lamp bead should be soldered or the lamp cap replaced more directly.

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