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What is the development prospect of solar garden lights?

- Aug 30, 2018 -

What is the development prospect of solar garden lights?


Colorful Solar Garden Lights.jpgBecause of its beautiful design and the use of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving solar energy, solar garden lights are widely used in different places such as communities, parks, office buildings, etc. Because of their novel and fashionable style, they not only have the function of lighting, but also have the effect of beautifying the environment, and do not consume conventional electric energy. There is no need to dig trench wiring, which is widely accepted and adopted.

The solar garden light mainly relies on solar panels to generate electricity. The solar energy controller stores the electrical energy into the battery for use at night, without manual control, light control, time control, and the photoelectric conversion rate of the solar panel under the condition of good illumination reaches 16 %, the service life can reach 30 years; the solar street light controller adopts the integrated design of light control, time control, waterproof and cold protection, which greatly reduces the failure rate; the light source adopts the LED light source for solar garden light, the luminous efficiency is high, and the actual service life is more than 50000. Hours; the lamp body is welded with Q235 high-quality steel, the exterior is galvanized sprayed, anti-corrosion treatment, and the wind resistance is greater than 9 grades.

Solar energy can be automatically turned on and off according to the level of light and darkness in spring, summer, autumn and winter. All charging, discharging, opening and closing are completely intelligent and automatic. With the rising cost of electricity, the awareness of social environmental protection and energy conservation is enhanced. As well as the support of the national policy for the energy-saving industry, solar garden lights will inevitably replace the traditional lamps and become the mainstream of the market, and the prospects are bright.

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