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What is the market temptation of solar lighting?

- Oct 25, 2018 -

What is the market temptation of solar lighting?


Solar Powered Garden Rock Lights.jpgSolar lighting is a blue ocean market that needs to be developed. In Europe and the United States, private courtyards have become an indispensable part of people's lives. They have 1-2 days a week for leisure, such as partying in the garden, barbecue... which gives rise to a kind of New consumer demand - the courtyard economy, such as umbrellas, barbecue pits, lawn mowers, pet supplies, etc., and a very important piece is lighting fixtures, while solar lamps also cover spotlights, wall lamps, decorative lights, buried lights Waiting for more than a dozen categories, with the temptation of a billion blue ocean.

The solar outdoor lighting market has been cultivated in the early stage of the past ten years, and the industry has good development prospects and a large space for product growth. But there is a big flaw in the offline: traditional supermarkets have clear sales season restrictions, such as shelves in March, will be removed in July. For consumers, consumer demand simply cannot be satisfactorily met. Online as an extension of the market, it will be a good opportunity to open a store to cover the supermarket coverage, one is the extension of the season and sales time, and the other is the extension of the region. . In addition, online sales can speed up customer feedback, product innovation, and product iterations, enabling users to get new product experiences faster.

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