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where did resin come from?

- May 07, 2018 -

where did resin come from

resin art  usually refers to the softening or melting range after the heat is heated. When softened, it has a tendency to flow under external forces. At normal temperature, it is solid, semi-solid, and sometimes it can be a liquid organic polymer. Broadly speaking, any polymer compound that can be used as a raw material for plastic products is called resin.

The relative molecular weight is uncertain but is usually higher, at room temperature, solid, medium solid, pseudo solid, and sometimes liquid organic matter. With the softening or melting temperature range, there is a tendency to flow under external forces, and the rupture is often a shell. Broadly defined as a polymer or prepolymer used as a plastic substrate. Generally insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents. The source can be divided into natural resin and synthetic resin; According to the characteristics of different processing behavior, thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resin are respectively.

When some trees are injured, it secretes a thick, sticky substance, sometimes solid, and this is  . The benzoin that we are often exposed to is a resin.

Natural resin molds have high physical value, but are difficult to use because they are very thick and sticky resin definition. So in aromatherapy, we use solvents or alcohol to make natural resins into usable liquid resins.

The resin table not only protects and encloses its own wounds, but also has many other USES. For example, spices, medicinal materials and processing paints. resin material  is a treasure in medicine, it can harmonize the five viscera, remove the disease in the abdomen. The roots, leaves and fruit of the maple tree can also be used as medicine, which can dispel wind and pass through the body.

resin plant

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