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A Brief Introduction To Urban Sculpture

- Oct 13, 2017 -

City Sculpture Works city sculpture (urban sculpture), stands in the city public place sculpture work. It is in the high-rise buildings, roads and highways in the city, to alleviate the congestion caused by the concentration of buildings, congestion and rigid, single phenomenon, and sometimes in the open space to increase the role of balance.

At present, some cities in China are building more emphasis on architecture than sculpture. Some say that "architecture is solidified music" and "the earliest art". Yes, the building itself is sometimes not able to achieve the desired effect, and must be enriched by sculpture. Architecture can display magnificent, magnificent momentum but can not directly express ideas, but sculpture may through its own plastic arts, the typical reproduction of life, can be the external space environment from the general concept of sublimation to concrete and deeper, farther than the realm of thought. Therefore, the combination of architecture and sculpture can perfect and complement each other.

As the saying goes: a good horse with a saddle, buy a horse to buy a saddle to prepare the money together. There are many places that have already done so, they took out some money from the total construction funds, used for sculpture projects, and in the selection of architectural design plan when the sculptor to participate, and even commissioned the sculptor and Project is responsible for construction work, to ensure that the sculpture and building close cooperation, so that the art of building to play and improve, This is very gratifying.

Some people think that sculpture is not affordable, is a luxury outside the building, this is a muddled concept. The construction of spiritual civilization is counterproductive and material civilization. People in the artistic enjoyment of the subtle inspiration and inspire positive upward and vigor and enthusiasm, it can be said that sculpture is also to improve the quality of one banner. The matching of sculpture and architecture is the urgent problem to be solved in the urban environment construction nowadays.

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