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Character Sculpture

- Oct 13, 2017 -

① person's image is rich, the quantity increases, appears the samurai, the Chamberlain, the music, the dancer and so on various social status image, in reflects the social life aspect advancement one step, the sculpture technique gradually get rid of the stylized, the vivid image.

② sculpture materials are used more extensively. Bronze, gold, silver, lead, pottery, jade, stone, teeth, bone, wood and other different materials to do their long, and the trend of comprehensive use. A variety of materials manufacturing technology has also developed new development, such as the bronze process, such as casting, welding, such as the development of technology, the application of lost wax method, the wrong gold and silver inlay technology, so that the production of the work of the competition for the beauty of kit. Therefore, the pursuit of elaborate huamei, become the dominant aesthetic tendency in this period, in bronze, jade and lacquer wood sculpture is particularly prominent. This period of sculpture has not yet been removed from the arts and crafts, so still retains a strong decorative nature.

③ mainly have dolls and as a decoration of the humanoid scaffold, pedestal and small ornaments and so on. Dolls also known as people, like people, to bronze, pottery, wood and other materials made of different, including mainly figurines. In the late spring and autumn, figurines appear everywhere. Terracotta pottery mainly has Shandong Lang Jia Zhuang, the tomb of the Warring States of Shaoxing, 1th, the tomb of the Eastern Zhou Martyrs from the 6 groups, female figurines more dance, face cut into a slant, black color hook out eyes, eyebrows, chest plump, skirt, Schhon, yellow, black, brown stripes. Male figurines drape, holding objects in hand. Because the firing is very low, most of them have been destroyed. The group of dance figurines unearthed in the early tombs of the Changzhi watershed in Shanxi Province is simple in shape and vivid in posture.

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