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How To Improve The Creative Ability Of Carving Works

- Oct 13, 2017 -

1. Enhance their own carving art creation theory of self-cultivation.

To solve the theoretical problems of artistic creation, we should study the law of artistic creation in theory and understand, master and apply the law of art. Art theory is the experience of artistic creation practice, which is gradually discovered and summed up by the carving artist in the continuous creation practice. Sculpture is a sculptor's thoughts and feelings through the means of artistic expression, creating a special form of ideological products.

2. Learn from Chinese and foreign outstanding carving art heritage resources.

Carved artists left a large number of precious carving works, for the creation of a wealth of can learn, research, learn from things, can make us broaden our horizons, enrich knowledge, improve creative self-cultivation. In the long term, the sculptor has accumulated the creative experience and wisdom in the artistic practice of exploring the law of art and artistic expression, and created many carving techniques, which are extremely valuable to us. From the Chinese and foreign carving heritage to study the pattern of the law, carving the trajectory of development, understanding and understanding of ancient sculptor expression of thoughts and feelings of the method principle, the formation of the law of artistic style.

3. Enhance the ability to observe life and beauty.

From the depth of life, familiar with life, learn to observe the hands of life, from life to feel, to experience. Life is full of all aspects of our social practice, there is life everywhere. Life is rich and colorful, but we must learn to analyze, research, choose a meaningful, suitable for the performance of the Art of life. To learn to use the vision of carving artists, from the phenomenon of complex life to find and refine the life material, choose suitable for carving art performance, meaningful, can infect people's themes for creation. To the unfamiliar social life to have a deep life, familiar with the process of life. Through to the life observation, the experience, the research, the analysis, obtains the fresh feeling to the life, chooses the subject matter from the life, discovers the topic, produces the creation idea.

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