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Polyresin Statue Production Process

- Apr 26, 2018 -

Process level
The resin handicraft is made of resin as the main raw material, and it is molded by moulds to make beautiful figures, animals, birds, landscapes, bonsai, reliefs, etc. with beautiful shapes and can be made into imitation copper, imitation silver, imitation gold, and imitation. Glass, gold, gold, crystal, imitation agate, imitation jade, imitation bone carving, imitation sandstone, imitation white marble, imitation jade, imitation ivory, imitation marble, imitation mahogany, pottery, imitation wood and other effects of the simulation of carving resin crafts .

Resin handicraft factory mainly produces gypsum, cement, magnesite, artificial sandstone, glass steel products. Portraits, Buddha statues, animals, fountains, flower pots, round sculptures, embossed, European components, artificial rockery, artificial trees, sandstone decorative art wall tiles, garden art, urban sculpture, ecological restaurant, landscape square, design and construction of large artificial rockery . Artificial stone bonsai, miniature landscape and scene production technology research and development and production.

Resin crafts production process
First, pinhole, oil hole
In the production process of resin handicrafts, there are many small holes under the surface of some products. When piercing it with a needle, some liquid will flow out. This is called an oil hole. If there are many under the surface of the product, The very small holes, which also have some liquid, are called pinholes.

Pinholes and oil holes are generated in chemical sparser, and when these materials are fused together, oil holes often appear. If there is less oil and sparser and there is no fusion, pinholes will occur. This problem will generally occur in the second half of the season. After the slurry is stirred, there will be a layered phenomenon. There are several ways to solve this problem:

  1. Control the amount of oil involved before the production of pulp, and then use it evenly.
    2. During the production process, some relatively high-concentration resin raw materials are used in order to reduce the stratification of slurry water when stone powder is added.
    3, pay attention to the degree of moisture in stone powder filling, because too much water will lead to delamination.
    4, must strictly control the amount of oil involved, in the environment does not affect the spray, to less into the oil, the amount of oil involved should not exceed five-thousandths of an inch, but to do as little as possible.
    Second, stomata
    In the production of resin handicrafts, for products with very complex structures and too small products, in the corners where the air resistance is large, such as corners, the air holes are most likely to appear, and some of the air holes even expose the surface of the resin products. To solve these problems, some resins Handicraft manufacturers use the following methods:
    1, in the complex and sophisticated mold design process to take into account the problem of stomatal, to design type, in the corner to add air vents, which facilitates the pumping effect, reduce the probability of occurrence of stomata.
    2, as little as possible with some white and red raw materials, so that the resin crafts solidification time increase a little, in order to save enough time to extract the air in the mold.
    3, look at the vacuum extractor has no mechanical failure, to ensure that the resin crafts in the vacuum chamber of the pumping speed is quickly reached 0.2Mpa, so that the vacuum treatment will be very good, and some resin crafts manufacturers of large resin crafts The product is to take a vacuum of 0.2Mpa and then reduced to 0.08Mpa, and then back to 0.1Mpa, this kind of pumping effect is also very good.
    4. Use some dilute resin material or less filler to make thinner dilute material, so that when the air is drawn, the air in the mould can be extracted cleanly and no air bubbles will appear on the surface of the product.


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