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Solar Garden Light Is How To Use Solar Energy To Power?

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Solar garden lamp ether sunlight for energy, as a green environmental protection new Energy "inexhaustible", make full use of solar energy resources, to alleviate the situation of conventional energy tension has a positive significance.

Solar garden lamp Day charge night use, no need for complex and expensive pipeline laying, can arbitrarily adjust the layout of lamps and lanterns, safe and energy-free pollution, no need for manual operation stable and safe and reliable, saving electricity and maintenance.

How does the solar garden light use solar power?

During the day, under the illumination condition, the battery board in the solar garden lamp receives the solar radiant energy and converts it into the electric energy output, which is stored in the battery by the charge and discharge controller.

At night when the sun gradually lowered the light, the battery automatically on the lamp, the solar garden lights automatically light. Battery discharge after 8 hours, charge and discharge controller action, battery discharge end, solar garden lights automatically extinguished.

The main function of the charge and discharge controller is to protect the electric energy stored by the conversion of light energy.

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