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The Art Of Sculpture In China

- Oct 13, 2017 -

The Art Of Sculpture In China

The Chinese sculpture art is various, thus the development law, also has the flu


ctuation difference. such as the Chinese yin and Zhou period of bronze ware manufacturing and decorative carving, is not the offspring of the missed.

The portrait carved stone of the Han Dynasty, the theme fully reflected the real life at that time. Tang and Song Dynasties sculptures, of course, is more than the Han Dynasty, but Tang and song's works have never as the Han portrait stone as fully reflect the reality of the works appear.

The handicraft industry and commercial aspects of Ming Dynasty were improved, but the sculptures in Ming Dynasty seldom showed the characteristics of each work. Although the Ming Dynasty sculpture is not as good as the Tang and Song dynasties, but other artistic achievements, nature is also the previous generation can not catch up.

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