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The Type Of Wine Bottle Holder

- May 09, 2018 -

The type of wine bottle holder

Wine bottle holder bracket stand on shelves of red wine, wine and all kinds of wine. With safety, beauty and purpose. Its purpose is business, bar, family, hotel, western restaurant and all kinds of upscale club etc. With the improvement of living standards of modern people, almost every household has a few bottles of wine and wine, while the Wine bottle holder for table is an item for people to store wine. Wine bottle rack is extremely important in all kinds of occasions where wine is displayed, which is the first and most important link in both the ornamental and practical aspects.

Ordinary family to buy red wine could not finish a drink, to let the wine storage lie put can contact with the cork, keep in contact with the wine cork moist, small inclined Angle can also be, let the cork and shows the contact and let the wine residue precipitation in the bottom. If the cork is dry, it will shrink and it will cause the wine to taste bad.


Wine bottle holder size


The size of a wine rack is based on the size of the wine. The general wine rack is made according to the size of red wine bottle, the specification of red wine bottle is relatively single, the diameter of bottle bottom is 8CM and 9CM, height is 30CM. The general wine rack is a general purpose wine rack.

A small wine rack: a wine rack with a single bottle is usually a small wine rack. Because the style of small wine rack is varied,such as Wine bottle holder animal, there is no uniform specification, so the exterior size can not be determined, but the size of the bottle is about 50 square centimeters.


A slightly larger wine rack: typically 2 to 10 bottles of wine are defined as a slightly larger wine rack, which has a large size, but is generally well designed. Example: 65cm wide, 160cm high, 114cm wide, with 14 bottles of standard bordeaux wine, 4 rows and 8 rows.


Large solid wood wine rack, general large solid wood wine rack is usually wine business, this kind of Wine bottle holder decoration price is quite high, there is little quantitative size of finished products, according to the requirements of customers to design and production, there is no uniform standard.



Cute Wine Bottle Holder

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